Certified and Professional Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a revolutionary product used to protect your vehicle's surfaces. It is hydrophobic in nature and forms a nano-ceramic shield on top of the surface it is applied to. This shield provides durable protection from common environmental contaminants like insect acids, road salt, bird droppings, oxidation, minor swirling and UV damage. Ceramic coating is also much easier to keep clean, cutting down on the time and effort it takes to wash your vehicle! **Ceramic coatings require some level of paint polishing before installation. Paint polish price + ceramic coating price = total cost of investment**

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Grant did a fantastic job ceramic coating my jeep! He was professional, took the time to answer my questions and had top notch customer service. He also came to my house and completed a headlight refresh on my wifes van. The headlights came out looking new! Grants the real deal. If you need detail work done, he's your guy, you won't be disappointed.

Ty S.

Grant did an excellent job! My car hadn’t been so clean since I drove it off the lot eight years ago. Turnaround time was amazing.

Silvana B.